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Our Financial and Retirement Planning Process

Are We a Good Fit?

We'll start the planning process with a complimentary consultation. 

We'll go over your story, clarify your values, identify your goals, and discuss your concerns. 

Please bring your current financial and retirement statements on your initial visit to help us diagnose your plan.

Diagnose Your Plan

On our second consultation, we'll perform a risk assessment, evaluate fees, and stress-test your current portfolio. 

We'll then identify any potential pitfalls and uncover any missing opportunities. 

After the diagnosis, well make our recommendations, and you'll decide if we're a fit.  

If we're a fit, we'll develop a custom-tailored plan to achieve your goals and aspirations.  

If you're planning or currently in retirement, we will structure for better retirement income, optimize Social Security, utilize tax-efficient strategies, and plan for long term care.

Deliver Your Goals

Finally, we'll provide financial meetings based on your frequency preference.

During these meetings, we will provide a financial progress report, review new accounts, and identify any tweaks needed to be made.

Provide informational resources, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.